Children With Special Needs

The NCJPS community as a whole is diverse and inclusive. It is a part of our school mission and vision to educate the childrenand to develop them physically, socially, emotionally aware students and independent thinkers.

“No two individuals are alike” is true but mostly forgotten.The words ‘Inclusion’ and ‘Integration’ gives us that ray of hope where curriculum is planned to suit the needs of the child.

The Learning Skills Centre is set up with the aim of providing an Inclusive environment for the learning of the student with Learning Disabilities and to those needing social and behavioral counselling. The Learning Skills Centre has a Special Educator who takes care of social-emotional and academic wellbeing of the students. As a team schoolspecial educator works closely with the staff and community to provide a supportive learning environment, emotional wellbeing and positive social skills.

The Leaning Skills Centre acts a full-fledged support system,catering to the needs of the students diagnosed with Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, ADHD, ADD, Dyscalculia,Dysgraphia etc.

The support happens in various phases that include in Class Support, remedial and support during exams. This support helps them to deal with the demands of the curriculum, reinforcing concepts, developing language skills, memory skills, mathematical concepts and organizational skills. The students are regularly encouraged and motivated to perform better. We use different strategies and techniques keeping in mind both the child’s strengths and weaknesses. The strategies are child centric and child friendly too. With great efforts, we have been able to mainstream lot of students who are doing extremely well on their own.

At learning skills center we have an open door policy and are always ready to meet with students and parents in case of a need at home or at school.

We look after the special needs of all the students from Primary to Senior school. Every effort is made to work closely in collaboration with parents at every stage. NCJPS firmly believe in developing a strongpartnership with parents and thus enables the pupils with disabilities to achieve their highest potential.

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