Parents Section

Parents should carry out their responsibilities as joint educators in instilling respect and strict obedience for all school rules and regulations in their children.

The school believes in firmness and perfect discipline.Slackness,disobedience and disregard of rules must be avoided and any work or action likely to lower the image of the school is regarded as a breach of the school discipline. The school reserves the right to rusticate the student whose progress is considered unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful to other students. Immorality, insubordination or non adherence of school rules are always sufficient reasons for expulsion, suspension or rustication from school. Parents/Guardians are requested to cooperate in this regard and follow the guidelines given below:

1. They should not enter the classrooms to see their children or teachers without the permission of the Principal.

2. Parents should inform the school if there is any change in their address or telephone number(s).

3. Child, when sick,should not be sent to attend any examination/test or regular classes. Short leave will not be granted except in case of exigency.

4. Application (with Medical Certificate) for grant of leave, if sick, must be submitted in time in the school to the concerned authorities.

5. Parents should inform the school in writing, along with relevant Medical Certificate, if the child is suffering from a disease and the doctor has advised him/her not to do any exercise/running/games/sports or be exposed to sun which may prove harmful or any such advisory note which deserves attention of the school authorities for prevention/precaution for the ward(s).

6. Parents are advised not to criticize any teacher or school in front of their children as it makes them lose respect for their teacher. As a consequence,it also hampers their teaching-learning process.

7. If there is any legitimate complaint,please meet the Principal or write to him in a separate letter. He will look into the matter personally. Visiting Hours: 09:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

8. Keeping in view the safety and security of the students,the parents are requested to come along with their Photo Identity Card issued by the school whenever they visit the school. Any application/communication made by the Parents/Guardians should be addressed only to the Principal.

9. Parents are requested to fix up important appointments such as with the doctor or others after school hours or on holidays.

10. No student will be allowed to leave the school premises before the school gets over,unless approval is taken in writing from the Principal.

11. The name, class and section should be clearly marked on the belongings of the child such as bag, blazer,jersey,tiffin box,water bottle etc.

12. Please do not give mobile phone to your child. If any student is found carrying a mobile phone,it will be confiscated and a heavy fine will be imposed. (Refer to CBSE Circular No.DE.23[555] sch.Br./2014/1900 dated 03/11/16).

13. Parents are advised to co-operate with the school in its attempt to facilitate his/her child's progress by paying attention to their regularity,punctuality and discipline and by taking interest in their Home Work/Projects and other instructions written in the school ALMANAC. They must also check the Teacher's Remarks column every day. In case of Primary School, the parents are requested to check his/her bag on a daily basis to see if any notice/circular /information/invitation has been issued from school for compliance. 4 The more difficult the victory, the grater the happiness in winning.

14. Care must be taken of the school property and any damage caused by any student will be made good by him/her. A heavy fine may be imposed for the offence as deemed fit.

15. Parents are advised to help inculcate in their children the habit of good behavior and moral values,so that they are not only recognized by the uniform they wear but also by their behavior and conduct.

16. Parents must ensure that their ward reaches school on time (08:00

17. Parents must encourage their wards to participate in co-curricular activities and inter house competitions of the school. Students may be required to take part actively in all the activities. Participation in Inter-School activities is compulsory whenever required by the school authorities.

18. To develop fluency in English,the parents/guardians are requested to always encourage their children to converse in English at home also.

19. It is compulsory for parents to come to school on Parent-Teacher Meeting and Open Day(s) (The day results are declared and evaluated answer books are shown to the parents), failing which their ward(s) may not be allowed to attend classes for a week from the said day. Attendance of the student (in complete school uniform along with his/her Photo Identity Card and the student's ALMANAC) and the parent is compulsory on these days. A student remaining absent on any PTM/Open Day is not entitled for the award of 100% Attendance Certificate. The parent/Guardian should visit the school on these days according to the following schedule:

Roll No’s
1 to 12  08.00 a.m. to 09.00 a.m.
13 to 24 09.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m.
25 to 36 10.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.
37 onwards  11.00 am. to 12 noon


20. The parents should meet the subject teachers on Parent-Teacher Meetings for exchange of views for improvement of their ward. Any positive suggestion is highly welcomed for the development of the school.

21. Parents of students from classes VI to XII are requested to come along with their Photo Identify Card issued by the school whenever they visit the school.

22. A student should bring his or her lunch-box. No lunch-box or any other eatable will be accepted by the school for delivery. Parents should encourage their ward(s) to carry their tiffin boxes and not depend on the canteen for snacks.

23. Distribution of sweets/gifts on birthdays or any other celebration organized by any student(s) is not allowed in the school/class room.



» Every transport vehicle hired directly by the parents must compulsorily have GPS and CCTV arrangement in working condition all the time of commutation with access to parents.

» Every transport vehicle hired directly by the parents must have mother volunteer/parent authorized lady attendant,accompanying children during each trip

» The credentials of the driver/vehicle hired by the parents privately must conform to the provisions of the Delhi Motor Vehicle Rules & other enforcement Govt. agencies.

» The parents must ensure that the private vehicle operators,who commute their ward(s) to school, must possess the Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) from the police authorities.The details of the same must be submitted on the prescribed proforma to the school without delay.

» Parents must ensure that the children reach the school not earlier than 15 minute before the school time.

5 Action is nothing but thoughts manifested.

6. In case of vehicle hired by parents without the school's authorization, the school authorities must be kept informed of the arrangements. The names and addresses of the authorized persons along with his/her valid I-Card must also be submitted well in advance.


» Do not hire Private Vehicle(s) for transporting your ward(s) to and from the school.

» Do not hire unsafe vehicle e.g. unauthorized LPG/CNG vehicles, auto rickshaws, cycle rickshaws, e-rickshaws to transport your ward(s) to and from school.


25. Parents must ensure that their ward does not drive a motor vehicle because minors are strictly prohibited to drive as per the Delhi Traffic Police Rules. Accordingly,the owners of such vehicles are liable to be prosecuted by the police.