School Counselling Services have as its vision as Holistic Well Being of each student. Each child is treated as unique, having specific needs; and assistance is provided on the basis of recognizing these individual differences. The services at the Counseling Center are focused at guiding the student towards self-empowerment at intellectual, emotional, behavioral and social levels in their life. The students are helped in making wise career choices, plans, interpretations, and adjustments.
A diversified program for School Mental Health has the following highlights:

I. Individual Counselling Sessions :
a. Student Level-  Individual and Group Sessions are scheduled for students with a spectrum of areas of concerns. Therapies ranging from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Art and Play , Humanistic and Existential Therapy are provided.  

In Primary School- Helping pupils to make a satisfactory transition from home to school ,Early Identification of children with special needs. Informal assessment of level of Intelligence, Social Maturity of the child, Developmental delays is done at a screening level if required. Diagnosing difficulties in the learning of basic educational skills; identifying pupils in need of special education (e.g. the gifted, the backward, and the physically handicapped).Intervention for adjustment and behavioral concerns is provided.

Middle School- Pre-Teen adjustments concerns, motivational concerns. Identifying and. developing their abilities and interests. Empowering them to resolve social – emotional concerns. Social Skills Training .

Senior School - Students are provided information about educational and vocational opportunities and requirements, making realistic educational and vocational choices and plans considering all relevant factors. Relationship counseling is also provided.

b. Parent Counselling – Guidance to parents about home programs to create a facilitative environment is done.
c. Teacher Counselling – Class Teachers and subject teachers are guided for a supportive management of child in the school.

II. School Level Programs
During the pandemic and beyond School Counsellor has been actively conducting preventive and pro mental health session across a wide variety of themes ranging from online safety, employ-ability skills , relationship skills, students skills  , to name a few

  1. Cyber Safety
  2. Mindfulness
  3. My Happiness  Tools
  4. Internet Addiction
  5. Building Resilience
  6. Media Literacy
  7. First Aid Training
  8. Anti-Bullying Program 
  9. Peer Mentor Program - Gender Sensitivity, Study & Exam  Skills, Bullying
  10. Good & Bad Touch Program
  11. Healthy Life Style Program
  12. Program For Excellence

III. Training& Workshops

Training and Awareness programs are conducted for all stakeholders - parents, students, teachers , with an aim to creating a positive environment for the over all mental well being of the child. Some of the  Workshops conducted by the school counsellor are as follows:

  1. Art Integration -National Education Policy 2020
  2. Stress Management in challenging times 
  3. Classroom Management
  4.  Healthy Parenting
  5.  Leadership & Team Building
  6. POCSO -A teacher Training Session
  7. Building a 21st Century Classroom
  8. An Overview of Mental Health : Early Identification of Signs and symptoms
  9. Life Skills
  10. Time Management 
  11. Value Education
  12. Memory Skills

IV. Career Guidance 

The School Counsellor pro-actively conducts career guidance sessions booth for students and parents, both  at individual level and in seminar formats . A wide range of exposure is given to students by means of organizing career fairs, Subject experts sessions to facilitate career choices. Interest and personality insights are provided for self-awareness before choosing the career that best suits them .
Some sessions conducted and organized for Career

A .Careers after 12TH
B. Stream Choice after 10th
C. Employ-ability Skills
D. Careers after Science - PCM, PCB
E. Careers after Humanities
F Careers after Commerce
G. Vocational Education

Field Experts from across the globe are invited for interactions on area of their expertise for career guidance and insights into specific professions.