School Counselling Services have as its vision as Holistic Well Being of each student.Each child is treated as unique, having specific needs; and assistance is provided on the basis of recognising these individual differences. The services at the Counseling Center are focused at guiding the student towards self-empowerment at intellectual, emotional, behavioral and social levels in their life.The students are helped in making wise choices, plans, interpretations, and adjustments.
A diversified program for School Mental Health has the following highlights:
I. Individual Counselling Sessions :
a. Student Level-  Individual and Group Sessions are scheduled for students with a spectrum of areas of concerns. Therapies ranging from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Art and Play , Humanistic and Existential Therapy are provided.  

In Primary School- Helping pupils to make a satisfactory transition from home to schoolEarly Identification of children with special needs. Informal assessment of level of Intelligence, Social Maturity of the child, Developmental delays is done at a screening level if required.Diagnosing difficulties in the learning of basic educational skills; identifying pupils in need of special education (e.g. the gifted, the backward, and the physically handicapped).Intervention for adjustment and behavioral concerns is provided.

Middle School- Pre Teen adjustments concerns, motivational concerns.Identifying and. developing their abilities and interests.Resolving their personal and social problems.

Senior School - Students are provided information about educational and vocational opportunities and requirements, making realistic educational and vocational choices and plans considering all relevant factors. Relationship counseling is also provided.

b. Parent Counselling – Guidance to parents about home programs to create a facilitative environment is done.
c. Teacher Counselling – Class Teachers and subject teachers are guided for a supportive management of child in the school.
II. School Level Programs
Based on needs of students the following School Programs are conducted by the school counsellor across school. 

a. Anti-Bullying Program 

b. Peer Mentor Program - Gender Sensitivity , Study & Exam  Skills, Bullying

c. Good & Bad Touch Program

d. Healthy Life Style Program

e. Program For Excellence
f. Safety – Online and from Strangers 
III. Trainings & Workshops

Training and Awareness programs are conducted for parents, students and teachers, with a focus on issues to be addressed . Some Workshops conducted by the school counsellor are as follows:

a. Healthy Parenting

b. Leadership & Team Building 

c. Life Skills

d. Time Management 

e. Value Education 

f. An Overview of Mental Health 

g. Memory Skills
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