Criteria for Awards

The school awards the students in the following four categories:
a) Pre School-II   b) III-V    c) VI-VIII   d) IX-XII
(i)All Round Best Student (Primary School)
 All Round Best Student (Senior School)
 Most Disciplined Student (Primary School)
Most Disciplined  Student (Senior School)
(ii)  Trophy for Overall Best House for the House achieving the highest total points including the following
(a) Various athletic(s) events and March Past held on Sports Meet.
(b) Friday activities (Games, Sports and non-Sports).
(c) Best Sports-Person of the year/Sports Scholar/Best Athlete. 
(iii)  Prizes for the Best Singer, Dancer, Instrumentalist, Speaker, Yoga, NCC, Computer, Actor, Band, Artist, Artisan, Scout and Guide.
(iv)  Best Athlete : One boy and one girl from each category Primary/Sub-junior/Junior/Senior etc. in the events held on Sports-Meet.
 Merit Scholarship is awarded to all those students who get highest aggregate percentage of marks in all the sections of a class. There is only  one Merit Scholarship per class. In case of a tie, the younger one will be entitled for the Merit Scholarship. The value of this scholarship is 500/- per month for the students of classes VI to XI.
 Scholar Badges are awarded  to the students who are declared scholars on the basis of the year’s academic/sports performance. Scholar  Blazers are awarded to the students who earn scholar badges for three consecutive years.
 Gold medals are awarded to students who earn scholar badges for six or more consecutive years.
(vii)  Special Prize : Jindal Jubilee Gold Medal sponsored by ”Jindal  Aluminium Ltd.”
 This medal is awarded to one of the outgoing students who is meritorious, outstanding, having excellent character and good moral values.
1.  A student having less than 60% aggregate marks in the final promotion result is not eligible for any badge/appointment in the  next session.
2. A student caught using unfair means in any test/examination, once fined or suspended on disciplinary grounds is not eligible for any award during that session.