Club Activities

For the holistic development of the student, activities under various clubs aim to enhance experiential learning-tangible and intangible both.  The students are provided a platform to unleash their hidden talents and give a meaning to their abstract thoughts and perceptions.

Dedicated to the cause of preparing children for their community roles, they are involved in activities and projects espousing the spirit of nationalism, brotherhood, tolerance and cohesive integration.

A wide range of clubs is offered to students at different levels.  The mosaic of clubs framed with diverse elements is given below:
1. Science Club (VI – X)
2. ICT Club (VI – VIII)
3. Disaster Management club  (VI – X)
4. Health & Wellness Club (VI – VIII)
5. Money Management Club (VI – X)
6. Heritage Club( VI –X)
7. Eco Club  (VI – VIII)
8. Mathematics Club( XI –X)
9. Interact Club( XI –X)
10. First Aid Club( XI –X)

In order to ensure efficient execution of Club activities for the session 2018-19, the club incharges undertake initiatives as per the planner for the session 2018-19 and conduct them smoothly in the scheduled time.  The students showed enthusiasm and interest in various activities.

Information gathering, demonstrations, experiments, poster making, group projects, talks & discussions, visits, models, role-play, power-point presentations etc. invite keen participation of students of the Science Club and enrich, their knowledge, understanding and application of the scientific concepts.  The students positive involvement in awareness programmes give an impetus to their broader outlook for a peaceful existence.

A concern towards the preservation of culture and tradition of India is showcased by the students of the Heritage Club by engaging themselves fruitfully in a plethora of activities like illustrative power point presentations, stamp and coin collection, slogan writing, collage making, poster making etc.
Posters, flashcards, banners, quiz, debate, celebration of important days like ‘World Health Day’, ‘Health Week Celebrations, awareness campaigns, health check-up programmesare important activities undertaken by the Health and Wellness Club to empower the learners to acquire healthy practices to lead a healthy life.  The First-Aid Club also takes initiatives in the same direction to sensitize students about prevention from harm and further recovery in the wake of exigency.

The Disaster Management Club aims to  inculcate skills of preparedness, planning and management of disasters - man made or natural through group discussion, poster-making, article writing, quiz, skit performances, projects and mock-drills.

The Eco Club holds a host of activities like poem writing, poster making, essay writing, making best out of waste, discussions on medicinal plants, paper craft, week and visits and workshops, and created environmental consciousness for sustainability and collective responsibility.
The Information and Communication-Technology club offers students diverse opportunities to enhance their practical skills in computer technology and communication through projects Power Point Presentation and competitive settings in the school and beyond.

Interesting plays, interactions with parents and experts, valuable discussions on savings and banking, drafting of plans related to money management are held in the ambit of Money Management club.
The Interactors engage themselves in poster making, paper bag making, pamphlet making, slogan writing community service programmes, awareness campaigns to fulfill the aim and commitments  of the Interact Club.

Simple and investigative exercises like group projects, models, Rangoli making, puzzle solving, celebrations of π-day etc. help the students of the Maths Club to develop a passion for the subject as well as to understand it more comprehensively.

Taking a comprehensive view of functioning of the clubs, the students utilize and explore diverse opportunities to channelize their energies constructively and widen their horizons to become awakened individuals of the new and advanced world.