There are two well equipped Computer Laboratories in the school, one for Senior School and the other for Primary School.  All Computers available are I-3 second & IV generation with Multimedia, LAN and Internet facilities.  Computer Education is compulsory for students from class I to VIII and for rest of the classes computer studies are offered under Work Experience.  For the students of classes XI and XII Computer Science is available as an elective subject also.


The Physics Laboratory is well equipped with latest instruments and gadgets.  Under the expertise and guidance of the teachers.  The students engage themselves in scientific experiments for critical investigation and analysis of the concepts of physics.  Developing live models, demonstrations, projects Audio-Video presentations are a regular feature of the laboratory.  The students play their technical acumen in various exercises science exhibitions held at school, Interschool, state and National level.  To visually demonstrate the physical phenomena the tool of multimedia is integrated in their learning experiences.  The students develop their conceptual understanding through visuals and graphics.  The stimulating environment of laboratory enhances the skills of observation, analysis and evaluation.


Chemistry-our life, our future…. In every bit and part of life lies an application of chemistry.CHEMISTRY LABORATORY AT NCJPS is well equipped with all the latest equipments and apparatus at the secondary and senior secondary level, providing students ample opportunities for self-discovery and exploration. It aims at helping the students learn the techniques of observation, experimentation and scientific reasoning. Keeping their interest quotient high, experiments are made easy to learn, systematic ,skillful and environment friendly. Through the entire process of learning the students understand and eulogize the role of chemistry in their life and develop a vision for the creative future of chemistry.We ensure as a team that each student enlivens and cherishes every moment as a chemist in the laboratory.


The biology lab is well equipped and spacious.  It has all the modern equipments where students from classes VI to XII enjoy hands –on activities of the subject.  The students are also exposed to various aspects of the subject through LCD multimedia projector.  The science exhibition is held annually where models representing various topics in biology including environmental issues like water harvesting, pollution control, future food, global warming, green house effect, mechanism of muscle action as well as breathing etc, are put on display.  The students are regularly sensitized   on various modern society requirements like saving energy and water, discouraging the use of plastics, water harvesting, waste segregation etc.  Thus, scientific aptitude and skills are shaped and built in the Biology Lab.


“Effective communication leads to effective leadership”

Our hi-tech Language Lab offers a new and futuristic learning platform to the students to hone their communication skills. It is fully air-conditioned and has state - of - the art infrastructure. The audio, video and stimulus-response equipment are utilized effectively to help students  imbibe the English  language skills.

It aims at:

• Refining the listening and speaking skills.
• Bringing fluency and precision in speech.
• Improving the standard of pronunciation and vocabulary.
• Monitoring each student  independently.


Latest tools and technology, well defined infrastructure, web – connectivity, discerning environment of inquiry and research – are some of the key features of the Maths Lab that define it to the core.  The members of Mathematics Department, ensure intellectual growth and development of the students with their expertise and experience.  From brain storming to managing activities, inquiry to application…. the students involve themselves in a host of innovative and interesting tasks that lend meaning to the Lab.   Some of the activities undertaken are experimentation, testing, power-point presentation, data –handling, model making etc.  Here, focus is laid on learning by doing which enhances the understanding and application of the mathematical concepts.


Home Science as a field in education has come a long way since its humble beginning as a “Domestic Skill” to  “Real life skill” which enables the students to become confident, competent and capable of performing successfully at Personal, National and International levels.  Home science subject offers a beautiful blend of learning experiences, which includes theory and practicals and skills development. in achieveing overall personality and generalist approach of multidisciplinary stream with Scientific principles. Besides this, it encompasses Foods and Nutrition, Human Development Approach, Home Management, Apparel and Textile Designing and Community Resource Management Renting  a wonderful  insight of human existence, thus allowing the individual to enter into a wide range of career options with emphasis on skill development.